SportsEngine Registration: Northwest Hockey League

Game Change Request


How to Complete this form

After reading the instructions on this page, please click "Next" below.

You will be asked "who you are registering", please select yourself

Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page

This page is the form, complete it in full, all questions are required

Click "Review" at the bottom of the page

The final page is your review, make any changes here

Click "Complete Registration" if you're done or click "Register Another Person" if you have additional Game Change Request forms to submit and repeat the process. Both requests will be submitted when done.

When to submit a Game Change Request Form


If you are requesting a game change for ANY reason, the Game Change Request form must be completed in full and submitted. A $25 is charged is collected at the time the change is entered on the form .

Game Changes due to weather conditions: Snow storms are common in the winter in IL. If a storm has caused a hockey game to be cancelled, notify Rebecca Schulz immediately so she can cancel the game officials. Then work with the other club to come up with a new game time and submit a game change request as normal. Additionally, send an e-mail to Rebecca Schulz informing her that your request is related to weather so you wont be charged the $25 fine.

Game Cancellations: The Game Change request form is how you notify the league to cancel your original game. No further e-mails need to be sent. For weather cancellations, please see the above paragraph for instructions.

**if you find the Game Change Request form is not working properly, please contact Rebecca Schulz right away.